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Single Transaction Bond

An Entry is basically a US Compliance such as FDA, EPA, USDA, Safety & other government agencies, customs clearance also known as STB-Single Transaction Bond can be file ONLY with your AN - Arrival Notice as your (Final-Document) from your Forwarder/Vessel/Carrier/Supplier, Customs/Agencies must have your full Cooperations for all Entry (Contact us for FREE Consulting).

  1. Entry fees:
  1. Service fee $50 + Customs Entry fee $195
  2. Continuous Import Bond (CB) or Single Entry Bond
  3. US Customs/Agencies Duty/Tax: HMF (0.001250 X your invoice value), MPF (0.003464 X your invoice value), HTC/HTS/Harmonized Tariff Code & ADD/CVD/etc.
  4. (IF ANY) Subject-to Agency Agency-Processing $85, Agency-Submission $45, Exam-Processing $135, IT/PTT 195, Messenger $65 +Split AN/AWB $100 & Etc.
  5. Above are LCL (LESS-container-load). Air/Full-container/RoRo/Over-Size/Hand-Carried/Break Bulk/Etc = Service fee $95 + Entry filing fee $195 + above b, c & d. Entry Filing fee is different that Single Entry Bond Fee / Single Transaction Bond fee.
  6. USED Household Good (HHG) / personal Effect (PE) & ETC: Entry for LCL ($434.76) or Full/RoRo/Air/ Etc ($534.76) + Import Bond (IF subject-to) + above b, c & d.
  1. Bond's are REQUIREMENT by Customs/Agencies, for all Importer (ISF & Entry), Vessel/Carrier (Loader/Unloader), Forwarder (Issuer BL & AN), Warehouse/Port & Etc.
  1. ISF filing: IF your importer-id (EIN/SSN) is with-OUT a Continuous Import Bond (CB) or Single-ISF-Bond (SIB), SIB is automatically apply. IF Late-ISF, CB is automatically apply.
  2. Entry filing: Single-Entry-Bond (SEB) is apply to Entry filing. BUT if cargo is Subject-to (FDA, UDSA, ADD & Etc), CB is automatically apply to Entry, for your convenient.
  3. Single-ISF-Bond (SIB) & Single Entry Bond (SEB) could be done within 30 mins. Continuous Import Bond (CIB) could be issued/signed-off by Customs/Surety, within 3-5 days.
  4. IF this is your First-Time & IF Continuous Import Bond (CIB) is Not require, i suggest Single ISF Bond (SIB) & Single Entry Bond (SEB) also known as Single Transaction Bond (STB), UNTIL you have verified your importation.
  1. Entry can be file ONLY with your Arrival-Notice/AN (FINAL Doc) from your Forwarder/Vessel/Carrier/Supplier. AN is issue 6-7 days BEFORE cargo is in US port.
  1. Issuer Arrival-Notice (AN) info is found at your Bill-of-Lading (BL). BL is issued BEFORE leaving foreign port. Issuer AN is agent of BL (aka cargo-ticket-agent).
  2. Arrival-Notice (AN) has FINAL info's of cargo: Pick-up Locations (warehouse/port), aka; cost of Unloading from vessel & moving it warehouse/port (IF any) & Etc.
  3. After submitting your FINAL document (AN), within 72 hours, Customs/Agencies will notify Duty/Tax, Exams-notice (IF any), Subject-to Agencies (IF any) & Etc.
  4. Entry payment: Check (personal/company) or Wire (info will be email with Invoice), But If it's Time-Sensitive (Cargo in US, Exam or Etc), only wire is accept it.
  1. All international cargo: After unloading from vessel
  1. Full containers/Etc are automatically place at Port/Terminal, until Customs/Agencies made their decision. It could only pick-up by trucker with access permits only.
  2. LCL cargo are automatically place at CFS warehouse, until Customs/Agencies made their decision. It could only pick-up by you or designate Individual/trucker.
  3. Warehouse are chosen by issuer BL/AN/Vessel/Exam-site/Customs/Etc, depending who has space available, convenient & Etc (99% of time import has No say-so).
  4. Vessel will contact issuer AN & Trans-Loaded (shuttle) to CFS warehouse/Terminal. It's Trans-Loaded to Closest XYZ address you have given to your supplier/shipper.
  1. Before you could receive or pick-up or truck your Cargo:
  1. You & your-warehouse/port will be receiving Freight-Released from issuer Arrival-Notice/Forwarder/Carrier/Vessel/Etc, only after, you have satisfied Arrival-Notice.
  2. You & your-warehouse/port will be receiving Customs-Released (aka; Pick-up-Order/3461/3299/7501/Etc) from US Customs, only after, you have satisfied ISF & Entry.
  3. Also, Customs-Release is issued, ONLY after your cargo in warehouse/terminal (hotel for your cargo) with pick-up person driver-license (photo-picture) &/or trucker-info
  4. All ISF final ruling is 6 years & Entry(Single Transaction Bond) is 5 years (IRS is 7 years). Ex: Car owner are RESPONSIBLE for all traffic law, cargo owner are RESPONSIBLE for all import law.
  1. Don't expect Foreign-person (shipper / 10,000 miles away) in Foreign-Country to know OUR Import-Laws, nor to advise/help you with our Domestic-Laws
  1. As owner of Car, you're RESPONSIBLE for all traffic law (not the seller). As owner of cargo, you're RESPONSIBLE for all import law (not your supplier, nor anyone)/
  2. Most of foreign & international shipping are handle by supplier (except domestic), Otherwise, you maybe involved with Foreign Export Dpt (Government, Loader & Etc).
  3. Your paid (hired) your supplier to manufacture, export out of their country & ship it to your Closest XYZ address. You're hiring us to file your ISF & Entry(Single Transaction Bond) with Customs.
  4. BEFORE paying your supplier, contact us: 1) To avoid last minute. 2) to avoid $5,000 penalty & Etc from Customs. 3) to Coordinate with you & your-supplier & Customs.
  1. Contact us, BEFORE paying some Foreign-person in Foreign-country (10,000 miles away).
  1. To Pre-estimate Duty, Bond & Etc, email Invoice, Clear Photos-Picture-of-Export-items, Materials that is made from, FDA/ATF/TTB/DOT/EPA/USDA Certificate & etc (if any)
  2. Visa (ISF). Passport (Entry). Airline-Ticket "Port-to-Port" (Bill-of-Lading). Taxi from Port to Hotel (Arrival-Notice), pay to driver. Hotel (warehouse) pay as you check-out.
  3. Your paying (hired) your supplier to manufacture, export out of their country & ship it to your Closest XYZ address. You're hiring us to file your ISF & Entry with Customs.
  4. After Customs-Released & Freight-Released has been issued, IF you need domestic Trucking, email receiver full address, phone, email & photo-picture of driver-license.
  1. Let's say, you're (shipment) traveling to XYZ address in China or other foreign country vice-versa IF foreign-person (shipment) is coming to US. PRE-arranged/book:
  1. Travel-agency (Shipping-company) buys a Airline-Ticket (Bill-of-Lading) from origin, to closest Airport in China, Taxi from port to hotel (Arrival-Notice) & Hotel (warehouse).
  2. As an traveler, you're (shipment) RESPONSIBLE for all travel-law's (license, insurance, accident, visa, passport, hotel, taxi & etc), Not the seller, manufacture, nor anyone.

Single Entry Bond Fee

Standard shipment Single Entry Bond or Single Transaction Bond could be approved within 30mins: You could apply for Single ISF Bond by calling us OR emailing us & agreeing with Single Entry Bond fee.

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ISF Entry Filing Simplify

Continuous Import Bond

Import Bond application (aka Continuous Import Bond). This is for Non-resident / Foreign company applying for Bond, Bond's are REQUIREMENT by U.S Customs, for all Importer (ISF & Entry), Vessel / Carrier (Loader / Unloader), Forwarder (Issuer of BL & AN) & Etc.

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Single ISF Bond Fee

You can file your Single ISF Bond 24/7 using ISF self-file form in this page and could be approved within 30mins: You could apply for Single ISF Bond by calling us, emailing us or simply fill out the form & agreeing with our Single ISF Bond Fee.

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