Continuous Import Bond

continuous import bond is good for next 365 days, from the day is active


Continuous Import Bond Application Form

Continuous Import Bond Benefits

Continuous Import Bond

Continuous Import Bonds, also known as Continuous Bonds, are used as customs bonds, importer security filing bonds(Single ISF Bond), single transaction bond or customs clearing, airport security bonds, and intellectual property rights bonds. They are also known as continuous import bonds or import bonds. A continuous import bond can be used for a yearly period and covers the continuous shipment of imports throughout that year. It will save you time and money while also reducing the danger of filing a claim for each shipment. There are three parties who are covered by this bond: the surety firm that offers the bond, the principal or importer who is obliged to file the bond, and CBP - Customs and Border Protection (which is the agency that oversees border crossings). Consequently, the continuous import bond is renewed each year on the off chance that it isn't canceled, unless and until one of the three parties involved terminates it. This bond is an option for importers who bring merchandise into the United States on a regular or frequent basis. Furthermore, we can utilize and file the customs import bond on your behalf; all you have to do is fill out the form below with the necessary information, or you can phone us for a faster transaction and more information.

Continuous Import Bond Application also known as Continuous Bond. This is for Non-resident and Foreign company applying for Bond. Bond's are REQUIREMENT by Customs, for all Importer (ISF Entry), Vessel / Carrier (Loader/Unloader), Forwarder (Issuer BL & AN) & etc.

Continuous Import Bond Eliminates ISF and Entry

When importer applies continuous import bond, it will automatically eliminates Single ISF bond and Single Transaction Bond.

Continuous Import Bond Make Much More Convenient

If your shipment is subject to any Government agencies such as (FDAUDSAADD & etc), you should file or apply a continuous import bond for your convenient.

continuous import bond covers importing for 1 year

Continuous Import Bond Activation

We all know that there are three parties involved in applying for a continuous import bond. Because it involves the surety firm that issues the bond, the principal or importer who is required to submit the bond, and CBP - Customs and Border Protection, the bond's activation takes a little longer than the Single Transaction Bond. In most scenarios, a Continuous Import Bond (CIB) can be provided or signed off by customs / surety within 3-5 days, but once its activated you can entry multiple times with-in that year.