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Continuous Import Bond

continuous import bond

Continuous Import Bonds also know as just Continuous Bond are utilized as customs bonds, importer security filing bonds, airport security bonds, and intellectual property rights bonds. A continuous import bond can be utilized for a yearly period and covers the continuous shipment of imports inside that year at the same time it will save your time, money and reduces filing risk in every shipment. There are three parties included in this bond—the surety company that issues the bond, the principal or the importer who is required to file the bond, and the CBP - Customs and Border Protection. The continuous import bond is consequently reestablished each year on the off chance that it isn't canceled unless it is ended by one of the three parties involved. This bond is an alternative for importers who bring merchandise into the U.S. on a frequent or regular premise. Besides, the customs import bond can be utilized and file by us, just simply fill out the form below with required information needed or you can call us for faster transaction.

Continuous Import Bond Application also known as Continuous Bond. This is for Non-resident and Foreign company applying for Bond. Bond's are REQUIREMENT by Customs, for all Importer (ISF Entry), Vessel / Carrier (Loader/Unloader), Forwarder (Issuer BL & AN) & etc.

To ensure your continuous import bond filing smooth and fast at ISF Entry, please coordinate with our finest consultants, pay attention of what are the required documents needed to file this bond. You can contact them through email, contact form or via phone + 1 800-215-1849.